Year 5

Science: ‘Where does our knowledge of space STEM from’?


As part of their science learning, Year 5 looked at the essential question, ‘Where does our knowledge of space STEM from?’ The children considered how we learn about space, the difference ways in which we have gathered our knowledge and the importance and benefits of sharing this with others.


Initially the children learnt about significant astrologers and how the understanding of space has changed over time. Then they learnt about more recent developments. Year 5 were fortunate enough to have zoom calls with an astronaut: Helen Sharman. As the first British Woman in space, the children were able to draw on the first hand experience of people who have made this fascinating journey. The children also took part in a virtual interview with Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock who answered a question sent in from LDSM amongst others. The knowledge and information from these experts directly facilitated the learning of the pupils.


Furthermore, the children did experiments in science, researched from a range of sources and spoke to an exhibition expert to help create a science fair. This was the final outcome which showcased their learning for the term. The local community were invited to attend the science fair and this included Year 5 from Hinchley Wood Primary school to come and experience the different science experiments the children had designed. The experiments all had a space theme and ranged from creating craters to balloon rockets. During the outcome, groups of children demonstrated their experiments and shared their learning of space with the visitors. It was thoroughly enjoyed by the visiting children (as well as with parents) and it was felt that by teaching others we are able to solidify our own learning.

Sustainability – Geography: ‘How sustainable is our planet?’


Year 5 were inspired by the current and ongoing global topic on sustainability and how we can reduce the negative impact we have on our environment. As part of their learning, they explore the essential question, ‘How Sustainable is Our Planet?’ and considered how they could reuse, recycle and upcycle everyday objects and spread the message to the wider community by having a stall at the Thames Ditton Farmers’ Market.


To give – context to their learning, Year 5 visited Wisley garden and did a workshop called ‘Planting for the Planet’ where they were encouraged to think about their impact on the environment and why it so important to the planet and their lives. As well as this, they created a mini greenhouse and upcycled their old t-shirts into mini cushions. In the process, they gained practical skills in sewing and woodwork.


As their final outcome, Year 5 presented their learning at Thames Ditton farmers’ Market where they passionately showcased their upcycled cushion created from their old t-shirt. They were met with enthusiasm from members of the public. One person was particularly delighted to see the children being passionate about the cause as she has been upcycling all her life by creating new clothes from her children’s old clothes. Year 5 passionately and successfully persuaded members of the public to reduce the amount of waste we produce through upcycling in order to help towards a more sustainable environment.