At LDSM, we have been on a digital journey! Having introduced Chromebooks last year, we have gradually moved from basic Google Suite tools into the worlds of research, presentation and coding, aiming to maximise everything our portable devices can offer us.

Children are taught how to access Google Suite and Google Classroom in Year 3 and develop their skills over their time with us. Homework and online learning is often set using Google Classroom, allowing easier and deeper links between home and school.

Our Computing Overview

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We aim for pupils to be: 

  • safe, confident users of technology and for them to become digitally literate. 
  • able to adapt their skills to any platform in a multi-device world.
  • intrigued and excited by the possibilities of technology.
  • able to independently present their ideas using the technology available to them.


Emphasis is placed on the development of:

  • Understanding Coding and be able to do basic programming;
  • Communicating through use of word processing, graphics and cameras;
  • Evaluating the plausibility of information on websites;
  • Modelling e.g. simulation control;
  • Monitoring e.g. using devices to measure physical changes;
  • Using the internet for research purposes;
  • Knowing the importance of E-safety.


At LDSM, we have partnered with Kapow Primary, an exciting digital education resource for primary children, with many of our Chromebooks building on units of work developed by their specialist teachers. We also use the Discovery Coding platform to teach a progression in coding that moves from basic algorithims to more complex variables and functions by Year 6.