Curriculum & Assessment

LDSM follows the statutory National Curriculum for all areas except RE, for which we follow a curriculum approved by the Diocese of Guildford- click here to find out more about this.


Building on the statutory content, subject leaders and year group teachers work together to plan topics and units of work with the aim of building progression, challenge and support into every subject. Where possible, we will also make links across subjects - through our use of texts in literacy which may link to science or history; art work from around the world or a period of history; using ICT to research and present information about all of our lessons; and lots more besides.


In the curriculum areas and overview pages below, you can find out more about topics and units studied in each year.


You can also find out more about the targets that children aim to reach in each year group below.

You can also look at our year group pages to find out more about what each year group covers. 

Our Curriculum- REAL projects 


At Long Ditton St Mary’s we believe in making learning purposeful and do this by teaching the National Curriculum through the use of REAL Projects.


Examples of this and the rationale of our approach can be found here: REAL projects at LDSM.




Other curriculum links and guidance. 


Where our curriculum follows all, or elements of, a published resource in order to satisfy the requirements of the National Curriculum, we have tried to list the main resources used. Follow the links to find information on these resources from their publishers and authors.