Details of membership of the full governing body, a register of the governors’ business interests and their profiles, and the protocol for governing body open meetings can be accessed below.


A Personal Message from the Governors

As the governing body, we are very proud indeed of what has been achieved at Long Ditton St Mary’s Junior School in recent years.  Our school is a dynamic place, constantly needing to respond to, and develop according to, changing pupil needs and the local and national agenda. As the governing body, school improvement is our key responsibility and is at the forefront of all that we do.


What we do

Working closely with our head teacher, Mrs Bateman, and her staff, we are involved in a variety of duties. We agree and monitor the strategic aims of the school and help to formulate and review the school development plan. We also shape long-term policy. We agree the budget and oversee its use, are responsible for choosing the senior staff and dealing with a wide range of personnel issues. In addition, we look after the buildings.


We are also responsible for agreeing and maintaining a framework of policies and procedures within which the school operates. As governors of a church school, we take very seriously our responsibility to protect the ethos and faith of LDSM, and work hard to regularly review the views of our key stakeholders. However, while the collective governing body sets the overall policy, the day-to-day management of the school is the responsibility of Mrs Bateman and her staff.


How we are structured

The governing body at LDSM is made up of 14 governors representing the community served by Local Education Authority (LEA) and you, the parents. Mrs Bateman is also a member. (Further details of the governors and the offices we hold can be found under the ‘Governors’ tab above.) As a full governing body, we meet twice a term.  However, the day-to-day work is carried out by two main committees, the Children & Learning Committee and the Resources Committee, which meet termly and report back to the governing body.


How to contact us

We hope that any questions or queries you have about the school can be answered by the teachers, head teacher or office staff, openly at the school gates or by appointment as appropriate.  As governors we feel very privileged to be part of Long Ditton St Mary’s Junior School and will continue to work with Mrs Bateman and the rest of the staff to ensure that every child achieves their potential and contributes to our community.


Rachel Cook, Ruth Merry

Co-Chairs of Governors