Prayer and Worship

Prayer and Worship

Collective worship takes place daily at LDSM and after a year of zoom led sessions, we are delighted to be back together in the hall! As is required of a Church of England school, our acts of worship are explicitly Christian however, other faiths and cultures are also celebrated. Our daily acts of worship are as follows:


Monday: Whole school Christian assembly led by Mrs Martin on our Christian values.


Tuesday: Hymn practice led by Mrs Hart, our specialist music teacher, where we learn the enjoyment and meanings of Christian songs.


Wednesday: On Wednesdays, worship alternates between a whole-school teacher led assembly and pupil-led in-class collective worship.


Thursday: Christian assemblies led by members of the clergy team from St. Mary’s church.


Friday: Celebration assemblies led by Mr Cooper where individual children and class achievement is celebrated in line with our school Christian vision and values.


All acts of worship will include either the school prayer, Lord’s prayer or a prayer on the theme of the assembly.


In addition, children say a prayer at lunchtime to thank God for their food and for his many blessings on them.


In each class we have Reflection Areas where children can read from the Bible and have quiet time. The class’ reflection journal is also displayed here so that children can think back on the different themes that we have considered over the year.