Year 4

Local area geography: 'How can members of our society drive the speed of change?'


Year 4 were inspired by the work of a local parent on road safety when deciding on their project outcome. As part of their project learning on the local area, Year 4 examined the essential question  'How can members of our society drive the speed of change?' and considered how they could create a legacy for the whole community. They decided to campaign to make the roads outside LDSM safer and set about collecting the data and information needed to make this happen. 


Working with Elmbridge Safer Policing team, pupils conducted a traffic enforcement where they used speed monitoring equipment to stop any drivers who were breaking the speed limit. Drivers were then offered the chance to either face a fine or be interviewed by pupils to question them on their choice of speed so close to a school. As well as this, pupils also monitored the vehicles that most frequently appeared by school, undertook statistical analysis of the data and considered the environmental and health impact on the local community. 


As their final outcome, Year 4 then presented the findings of their study and their persuasive letters to Deputy PM Dominic Raab, who was member of Parliament for Esher and Walton. Following their presentation, Mr Raab took the issue further to Surrey Highways on our behalf and secured funding to improve traffic calming measures across Sugden Road. A powerful example of pupils at LDSM being able to make a difference to their local community.

Our project outcome