Student Leadership

Student leadership forms a key part of developing pupils personal development at LDSM. Pupils pride themselves on their ability to make meaningful contributions to decision about learning at our school.

School Council 


At LDSM we know that having an elected School Council is to enable pupils to have a voice and give them agency to make decisions at our school - pupils at LDSM know their voices count. 


The council acts as a channel for communication between pupils and teachers, the Senior Leadership Team and governors. It helps to strengthen our values of respect, aspiration, love and compassion through fostering a sense of community as we work together towards shared goals. 


School councillors are elected each year in September and they serve on the school council for an academic year.  Each class votes two pupil representatives, giving a total of sixteen councillors.  The Council meets every fortnight to discuss any ideas or issues that have been raised with Mrs Barlow facilitating discussions.


The School Council has initiated ideas that benefit the whole school such as the introduction of a 'tuck' shop selling materials for class use, identifying charities to support and organising fundraising as well identifying prizes for whole school awards, such as attendance and house point winners. 


Year 6 leaders


In Year 6, pupils are able to apply for roles that suit their skills and abilities and allow them to develop their own leadership in an area of interest, working alongside a teacher who is the leader of that subject. Below are a summary of our different leadership teams in Year 6. 


Sports leaders 


Year 6 sports leadership is a brilliant opportunity for our children in Year 6 to showcase their leadership talent and to take on a prominent pupil leadership role. Sports leaders take part in activities leading sport both for pupils in lower KS2 at lunchtimes at LDSM and helping the organisation of physical engagement at break times. As well as this, our leaders have supported other other local schools, such as working with our friends at LDI delivering sports sessions.