Physical Education

At LDSM, we recognise the contribution of Physical education to a child’s physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing; we aim to engage all pupils in physical activity to promote development in all areas. Pupils are encouraged to take part in team games which inspire team spirit and good sportsmanship whilst developing a sense of fairness.


Lessons provide opportunities to enhance social development through team work as well as cognitive development through decision making within game scenarios.

Through lesson time, specialist coaching and our broad range of sports clubs, activities are planned to build upon prior learning; opportunities are provided for all abilities to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding. There is planned progress throughout each unit which increases the challenge as children move up through the school.


When inside or outside, all activities offer appropriate physical challenge using a wide range of resources to support appropriately. Children will:

  • participate in competitive sports and apply attacking and defending techniques; 
  • develop flexibility, strength, control and balance; 
  • use a range of movements in sequences; 
  • evaluate their performances in order to improve and achieve their best.


At LDSM, we pride ourselves in giving pupils the opportunity to represent our school, regardless of their levels of confidence. Our aim is that all children are able to represent the school if they wish to, with 98% of pupils from all year groups competing for the school in the 2022-23 school year. Highlights included pupils taking part in the London Mini Marathon for LDSM, our links with Surbiton Hockey Club and Old Cranleighan Hockey & Rugby Clubs and our participation in boys' and girls' football and netball leagues. 


Cross curricular links are made throughout lessons to various other subjects.

  • Literacy can be included through instructions, reporting or making recount of an activity or skill.
  • Science is included through learning about body parts, diet, keeping healthy and pulse rates.
  • Maths is incorporated through the use of shape, position and direction as well as counting and measuring.


At LDSM, safe practice is our priority. In order to minimise the risk of injury, children should wear shorts/tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts. Plimsolls or trainers are to be worn for outdoor games, together with a jumper and tracksuit bottoms when cold. Items that are are hooded and 'snoods' should not be worn, as these can increase the chance of injury.  No jewellery is allowed, including earrings and watches and hair has to be tied up. Whilst any child who does not have the correct attire or cannot abide by the above cannot partake in PE that week, this is rare, as we are very proud that children at LDSM love their time in PE and sports lessons! For more information on uniform and other guidelines relating to PE, see 'School Life.' 

PE Curriculum Overview

PE vocabulary progression

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