Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 Contingency Planning

In the event of a lockdown of the whole school or a bubble, a ‘getting started’ work pack will be available on the year group pages of the school website, with paper copies made available for those who need them. The children should complete this work on the first day of the lockdown.


On the start of the second day, the class teacher will upload a presentation to Google Classroom explaining the timetable and expectations for the rest of the week. On the following and every Monday, a new presentation will be uploaded explaining the week’s work. Teachers will then prepare a range of live and recorded lessons and additional presentations for the children.


For full details, please download a copy of our contingency plans and an example timetable below.

Please find below letters and documents sent home before and during the initial period of school closures from March - July 2020, for reference.

These include our 'News from LDSM' updates sent in place of our regular newsletters.


Annex to Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy (Covid-19 additions and changes to usual policy)