At LDSM, science is seen as a practical subject, which stimulates children’s curiosity about the world we live in.  The children use first-hand experiences and investigations to explore, discover and gain scientific knowledge.


Emphasis is placed on:

  • Understanding of the basic concepts of science;
  • Encouraging a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena;
  • Questioning where pupils ask themselves – How? Why? And, What if…;
  • Independent and analytical thinking;
  • Reflecting on how science has changed our world;
  • Recognising how living things have changed over time and the difference between the theory of evolution and creationism.


Our aim is to ensure that the children’s learning in science will foster responsible attitudes towards the environment and all living things.  We plan and deliver an annual science week, to really engage the children in the excitement of discovering more about the world around them.