At LSDM, we encourage the children to reason mathematically, and to have the confidence to tackle problems with a methodical and accurate approach. We endeavour to give the children a solid foundation of mathematical skills that are essential to everyday life.


Emphasis is placed on:

  • Developing an appreciation of the beauty and power of maths;
  • Harnessing a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about maths;
  • Becoming fluent in maths through varied, frequent practice that becomes increasingly complex over time;
  • Increasing the speed of recall of mathematical facts and the ability to apply them to real life situations;
  • Solving mathematical problems by breaking them down into simple steps;
  • Maintaining the breadth of maths – including shape and space, data handling and investigations.


The new curriculum asks us to not use calculators as a substitute for good written and mental arithmetic, but we use them effectively when exploring more complex investigations once the children are in the Upper School.

Maths Workshop- Spring 2019


Click below to download the slides from our recent maths workshop.