'Virtual' Sports Day!

Have you seen our Virtual Sports Day on Google Classroom yet? Check it out in the 'Challenge Week' room! 


We challenge you to try all 6 of the challenges below!!!


1.How many baked beans can you eat with a cocktail stick in 30 seconds.

2. How long can you balance a spoon on your nose.

3. How many raisins can you throw into a mug, which is 2 metres away, in 30 seconds.

4. How many pieces of popcorn can you throw into the air and catch in your mouth in 60 seconds.

5. How many items of clothing can you put on in a minute.

6. How many books can you balance on your head and stand on one leg.


Head over to the classwork in the Challenge Week room and check out the staff having a go at the challenges. You can also see a couple of Miss Simpson's favourite teacher challenges below!


When you're done, find the quiz on the 'classwork' section of the Challenge Week room to upload your results. Points for each house will be awarded and the winning team will receive the House Trophy in virtual form!

Mrs Pells

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Mr Hogan

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Mrs Rootes

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Mrs Hart

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Which challenge are you going to try?


Can you beat....

  • Miss Simpson or Mrs Barlow who managed to eat 12 baked beans.
  • Mrs Rootes balancing a spoon for 25 seconds.
  • Great effort Miss McCallum with 3 seconds.
  • Mrs Rossiter with an alternative way making it look easy with 18 seconds.
  • Mrs Pells - just wow!! I will be VERY impressed if anyone can beat that ;).
  • Mrs Essex when it is made an Olympic sport I am sure you will be picked to represent GB with your 8 raisins in the mug!
  • Mr Davie you stuck to the rules and measured your 2 metres, well done for getting 3 in.
  • Mrs Moody there were lots of 'dinks' as if you got more - great effort on your 2!
  • Mr Hogan the birds are going to be very happy - great work with your 13!
  • Miss Stevenson great job with your
  • Mrs Beevers I love your technique of throwing more than one at a time - you got 6!
  • Mrs Wilson improvising with grapes well done you managed 5!
  • Mrs Rootes you got but I think you deserve bonus points for catching with your eye!  
  • Miss Simpson managed to get 11 items of clothing! Mrs Hart I love how you threw some last minute items on - well done for your 11!
  • Wow Miss Adams, a whopping 19 items - loving the shades!
  • Mrs Adams practice makes perfect as you managed to improve your score managing 17!
  • Mrs Beevers your warm-up clearly helped you balance 13 books- fantastic!
  • Mrs Towers slow and steady and you smashed it with 13 books.
  • A round of applause for Mrs Wilson balancing 7 books.