Pencil Cases/Stationery

Before you all head to WHSmiths/Smiggle for the ‘Back to School’ offers, we wanted to say that we no longer need pencil cases full of glitter pens, gel pens and novelty rubbers. We would rather have the basics at school and keep the novelties for home use please:

  •  pencil (and spares)
  • a decent sharpener
  • 30cm ruler
  • white eraser
  • a handwriting pen (black/blue) (Upper School)


No other equipment is needed and anything more than this will be left in your child’s school bag.

To support this new initiative, we will also be stocking these items in school so the children can purchase them should they be needed. Together this should improve the ‘bring the right equipment’ judgement, as well as the ‘take pride in their work’ one at the same time. You could almost say that it is a Buy One – Get One Free offer!