Year 5 go back in time!

Year 5 loved their Victorian School trip to Holly Lodge.

They embraced the changes to school life as they stepped into Mrs Sawyer's classroom, who quickly informed them 'children should be seen and not heard' and addressed any behaviour which was not acceptable.

Fidgeting was solved by the finger cuffs, slouching was stopped by the slouch board and a demonstration of the cane (only on the table)  got the children sitting up straight very quickly and ready to participate! 

Throughout the morning, each class completed the 3 Rs- writing, reading and arithmetic. They experienced writing on slate board and attempted to write in the style of Victorians- including left handed children having a go at writing right handed. 'Practice makes perfect' was the mantra! 

In arithmetic, the children learnt about shillings and pence and converted between the two; all children tried to live up to the saying 'if at first you do not succeed try and try again'.

In the afternoon the children stepped in the 'Chymist' and  created an active ingredient to make their own mint medicine which  would help with stomach ache.  They then made ‘pills’ using real Victorian pharmaceutical tools- they had to weigh the ingredient mass, roll it into a mass Pipe, slide it into parts and cover it in gold coating to ensure it was consumable. 

Each class enjoyed a fantastic day; what a great experience for all of the children!


See Skipton doing 'Drill' on the Year 5 page!