Year 4 on Tour- Day 2!

A full day at Year 4's residential mini-break palace is quite something to behold. Everyone has taken part in three or four activities, including the two hour, much-anticipated 'forest adventure.'

This epic journey through the forest winds down through woodlands young and old, jungles of thick rhododendron and a steep winding stream. The tour ends up at a bed of clay- perfect for practising our wading skills before taking a leap into a final pool to 'rinse off!' 

Different groups have also experienced bushcraft- making, lighting and cooking with fire- as well as more goes on the high-wire and obstacle courses.

In summary, wet- through rain, stream and swimming- and muddy, is the story of our day. Everyone has had the most fantastic time, though all are looking forward to seeing families tomorrow after a final, well-earned night's sleep.