Closure 2020 - LDSM at Home!

LDSM families have been coming up with all sorts of ways to keep busy and learning while the school is closed. 

Have a look at the photos below to see what your friends have been up to!


Ideas for pictures:

  • window rainbows, 
  • messages of support for critical workers,
  • bakes and cooking creations,
  • Lego masterpieces,
  • out and about on your daily walk,
  • Joe Wicks exertions
  • Any amazing learning, activities, posters, artwork, crafty bits that you'd like to share!


Please send pictures to this address- NOT the office:

By sending a picture, you give your permission for the photos, and the children in them, to be posted on the gallery of our website. Please don’t send anything you don’t want posted. We will not post names of those featured.


Click the images to enlarge.

23rd May

14th May

10th May

In school on Thursday, we made some delicious scones to celebrate VE Day. Yummy!

7th May

2nd May

28th April

26th April

Featuring cushion and guitar making, cycle posters, cakes, extreme reading and more!

This beautiful tea-light holder has been made from salt dough and painted with gouache paint. We were also sent this very reflective description of what each part represents:

  • the heart= God's love
  • the square= Hard times
  • the star= Light
  • the snowflake= Want to give up
  • the unpainted circles= we can come to God no matter how we are

The outer ring encircling everything keeps everything together just like God keeps the whole world together!

As you can see from the photo if there is a hard time in your life and you want to just give up, the light of God's love stops you. Then you look to him and ask, "Lord, can I come to you no matter how I am? Help me Lord, in this hard and troubled time"


24th April

19th April

Can you spot the banner ready for tomorrow? Brilliant bit of socially distant teamwork from our neighbours!

18th April

15th April

14th April

12th April

10th April