At LDSM, we place great importance on cultivating high standards of the written and spoken word. Our literacy curriculum encompasses not only the skills needed for reading and writing successfully, but also detailed study of grammar, punctuation and spelling.


Emphasis is placed on the development of:

  • Reading easily and fluently with good understanding;
  • Developing the habit of reading both widely and often for both pleasure and information;
  • Acquiring a wide range of vocabulary, with an understanding of grammar and linguistic conventions;
  • Appreciating our rich and varied literary heritage;
  • Writing clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting the style for a range of contexts;
  • Using discussion in order to learn, and being able to elaborate and explain clearly;
  • Feeling confident when participating in presentations or discussions.


Reading enables pupils both to acquire knowledge and to build upon what they already know, developing their love of literature through a wide range of texts. Pupils are given the opportunity to write at length in order to enrich the quality of their writing and further develop their vocabulary.